How to tell your kids you are selling your house to travel the world:


Officialize your plans.  Discuss plans X, Y and Z for months.  Write many pros and cons lists.  Pick apart every detail regarding full-time RVing and decide it’s a no-go.  Still a possibility for the future but your hearts are not called to RV life for now.  Decide a tiny house is the answer to all of your ills.  Pick apart every detail regarding life in a tiny house and decide it’s a no-go.  Going tiny is important but at this point even a tiny house seems a luxury.  Realize you really don’t want to spend all of your money on a big investment.  Remember you aren’t interested in living the American dream.  The negative weight of these possessions and their many responsibilities is palpable within your family.  Come back to the old dream of living a vagabond life, following your own destiny, not waiting for tomorrow to do what you love today.  Book flights to Santiago, Chile departing exactly 4.5 months later.

Cry.  Get ready for an avalanche of emotions as your big announcement to the children approaches.  Cry.  Just let the tears fall.  Smile and laugh because these scary-feeling plans are your life’s dream come true with your soulmate and three amazing children along for the ride.  But cry.  A lot.  It’s okay.

Tell the kids.  Or let your husband tell the kids because you are scared you will puke all over the dinner table.  Watch your 9 year old son pump his fist in the air and immediately cry with joy at the prospect of world travel.  Feel shocked but encouraged by his reaction to the news!  Watch your 7 year old daughter insist you are staying in Florida and living in an RV, over and over again until she breaks down crying.  Feel terrible because you are doing this to your child and for what purpose?  Watch your 4 year old son have absolutely zero idea what is going on and feel terrible because change can be hard and confusing to small children.

Cry.  More tears are needed.  Continue crying liberally throughout the evening.  As you cry, force yourself to remember why you decided to liquidate your belongings to travel the world as a family.  When you can’t remember any of the reasons why this is a good idea, trust yourself.  This was not a flippant decision and you must trust your choices no matter how icky they feel at this moment.

Witness the resiliency of children.  Encourage your two older children to stay up late to work through their big emotions together.  Feel immense love as you watch your children process these big changes together in their very own ways.  Smile until you cry after witnessing your children’s resiliency.  Know these little people need time and patient support to make this a smooth transition.  You’ve navigated other major transitions with your family and you know this will be no different.  Some days will be hard.  Some days will be easier.  But growth comes from meeting and accepting challenges and this crazy plan is sure to provide plenty of growth mindset opportunities for the entire family.

And that, gentle reader, is how to tell your children you are moving away from everything known to jumpstart a worldschooling adventure.  It might not be easy.  It might not be pretty.  But it is your family’s story and you own it.  Go forth on your adventure!

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