We Go Tiny


Life currently revolves around liquidating our possessions and selling our house.  Family claims are staked on furniture and familial mementos.  Bookshelves look remarkably stark.  The garage seems gargantuan.  I purged my wardrobe to less than 10 summer items to get me through this Florida summer.  Drawers are cleared and cabinets are increasingly bare.

And . . . I love it.  Purging the past is a longtime pleasure for me.  For years I longed for the reason to really clear out our belongings.  I knew our collection of middle-class relics and memorabilia wouldn’t bind us to “the American dream”  forever.  Of course, this is where my brain flies to our many privileges that immeasurably helped our paths lead here but that is another blog post for another day.  Now we are doing it.  We are going tiny.  I’m ruthlessly gutting boxes of keepsakes — made much easier by a pervading smell of mildew and musk.   Still, I never imagined the reality of throwing out tiny bits of my childhood or donating my high school cheerleading uniforms to the local Goodwill.  But, that’s old news now.  I’m only looking ahead and all of that stuff is just that —  stuff.  Our current life trajectory doesn’t have room for stuff we don’t need.  Hell, we barely have room for the things we think we actually need.   And like I told the kids, I highly suspect we don’t need half of what we think we do.  Time will tell!

No, we are not getting rid of every.single.thing.  Parents are taking some family heirloom furniture back to their home.  We are storing mattresses, some personal mementos and nice cookware with family.  The plan is to have our basics stored stateside for a future home.  The only thing is we aren’t sure what the future holds.  We told the kids we might be gone for 6 months or we might be gone for 6 years.  We just don’t know at this point.  Of course, gentle reader, you are not my small children or I would comfort you and reassure you that our family is home and you are always safe with us.

This day beckons more tiny-ing of our possessions and for that, my physical presence is very much needed.  Just dreaming of minimizing is no longer the plan.  So for now, hasta la vista.  


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