So, what are you going to do?


Well, dear friend, one thing we know for sure is that whatever we do, it will be vastly different than our current life.  No longer will we be the the professional husband and the homeschool wife with three super cute children tagging along.  We will be a travel wide family — nomadic and in search of a simple life immersed in the local culture.

But, finances!  What about finances?  We are blessed to have a financial cushion as we make this transition.  Without the generosity and support of our family we wouldn’t be in our current position to make full-time travel an obvious option.  Of course, we are also pursuing many different revenue streams, including our experience teaching English as a second language (ESL).  All in all, financial stresses are low for the first time in our marriage.  Selling our house and ridding ourselves of the necessary repairs and upkeep is a big relief for us.  Basically, we were born to be nomads but spiraled out of control into a life of middle-class America.

But, where will you stay?  Seeing as we arrive in Santiago at 3:29 am (same timezone so no jet lag!!!) we have a hotel room booked for our first 3 nights in the big city.  After that we plan to book an AirBNB with self-catering in Santiago for a week or so.  The goal during our AirBNB stay will be to find a local rental in the area we want to stay for a while.  Longer stays will help keep rental costs lower and slow travel will also give the kids time to adjust as we find our groove.  I remember having “itchy feet” while traveling before kids but now it is vitally important to take our time and not drag the kids all over Chile on a whim and a prayer for good attitudes.

But, you don’t speak Spanish!  You got me on this one.  My to-do list does include “learn Spanish” but yeah.  Thankfully Taylor is my master linguist and he is hard at work practicing Spanish with our many Spanish speakers here in Orlando.  He’s got it under control and I plan to ride on his coattails as long as I need.

Will the kids go to local schools?  The goal is to continue homeschooling.   We are a homeschool family for many reasons and those priorities won’t change just because we are in a different country.  But, an important part of homeschooling is the flexibility to meet each kid’s unique needs so local schools remain a possibility for the future.

So there it is, that is what we will be doing.  Sounds easy like Sunday morning to me.  Just a few million more tasks to complete before we actually get there!



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