Transitions and Liminality

After long day of freshwater spring swimming, Henry and I were snuggled on the couch in just the way my almost 10 year old boy loves the most.  As we are currently apt to do in moments of down time, we were  discussing our upcoming travel plans and everything that means to our family.  Henry requested we visit his favorite game shop Cool Stuff Games before we leave for South America.  This is a reasonable request as we fly out of Orlando so I readily agreed.  Hearing my reasoning, his wheels started turning.  He said, our house will be sold by then, right?  Yep.  So basically, we are going to be homeless, right?  Yep.  But we will have a house again one day?  Yep.  *Big smile.*  Okay!  That sounds good to me.  Sounds pretty good to me too, buddy.

The way our kids are processing these big life changes is inspirational to me.  We are turning their worlds upside down and they are totally along for the ride!  It hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns — more on that in a later post — but these kids understand our motivation for downsizing and our desire to do things our own way.   We are raising little soul rebels!

Without their realization, I believe they are picking up on the energy of this beautiful crescent moon.moon_0_01  Pictured here in real time as I write this blog post.  Tomorrow is the New Moon or the Dark Moon, when the moon is completely hidden from sight.  But tonight we see just the tiniest sliver of the moon before the shadows  immerse her in darkness.  The New Moon represents transitions, changes, new beginnings.  You know, everything my family is currently experiencing.   During the next lunar cycle my children will come in contact with major renovations to our house, putting our house on the market and taking a long road trip with just mama.

Waxing crescents, quarter moons, the full moon, and waning crescents all await our moon during this time as well.  Just as the moon will continue to thrive, there is no doubt regarding our kids’ adaptability.  Come what may; the children will be alright.

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