The kids are alright.

The kids are definitely alright but not necessarily thrilled at the reality of our brand new travel wide life.  Ollie is 5 and a bit of confusion is his normal so that remains the same for him. At 10 and 8, Henry and Liza understand our plans and could likely write a dissertation on how their parents sold (almost) everything to travel.  Never forget they listen to everything.  Literally every single person who knows our current timeline tells the children how exploring the world will be an amazing learning experience. But, Liza is especially quick to remind everyone this is her parent’s dream, not her dream.  Oh yeah.

But then there are moments like tonight.  We check outside our Starkville, MS Airbnb for the Harvest Moon.    Today was rainy and the skies were cloudy but the promise of a full moon shone behind the trees.  We agreed we would check back soon to monitor the moon’s progress.  Just like clockwork, we stepped outside 15 minutes later and she had risen above the trees.

It was such a magical moment with my girl.  Simple but so sweet.

And . . . the full moon, y’all.

Then she took this crazy picture.  It’s very much her style.

This full moon was a gentle reminder to me that life truly can be the same and different all at once.  We sleep in different beds.  We buy fresh eggs from different people.  But we have our family and we honor the rhythm of our days as always.

We are so early in this traveling gig and we are still exploring familiar territory.   But trust me, the kids are alright.

We might not have a house.  We might not have a lifetime of possessions at our fingertips.  We definitely don’t have a firm plan for the future.  But the kids are . . . and always will be . . .  alright.

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