Check that off the list!

Our to-do lists have been abundant over the past several months.  It was a happy day to check “pierce Liza’s ears” off the list!  We opted for Body Piercing by Bink in Tallahassee, Florida in lieu of Clair’s with their notoriously impossible to sanitize piercing guns for these sweet little ear lobes.  We could not be happier with this experience!

Ashley was wonderfully sensitive and did a wonderful job of explaining the process and ensuring Liza was in full consent of every step along the way.

I know I’m not the only one with memories of crusty, red, irritated piercings.  Am I right?    Not this girl, though.  The number one rule was “do not touch your piercing” and my girl is still living by that motto. This picture was taken about 30 minutes after the piercing took place and shows the most inflammation she experienced during her healing time.  Very different experience than I remember!

Also remember trying to sleep with those uncomfortable earring backs on your rusty ears?  Oh yeah.  Again, not for this girl.  This piercing parlor only uses titanium “threadless” posts and they are wonderful!   The flat backs and the sturdy fastenings  for a nonstop easy to wear and easy to sleep experience for this picky 8 year old.

And those beautiful amethyst stones only help the situation!


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