Family and Petrified Forests

Our road trip around Mississippi was heavy on family.  While we didn’t see everyone on our list, it was required to visit my 95 year old grandmother in Yazoo City.  The children were a delight . . .  totally different than our last visit which ended when Liza bit Ollie’s finger and he wouldn’t stop screaming.  And I even remembered to take a few pictures!

Then there was that moment when my daydream of being tall was true for half a second of a posed picture.

We loved our visit to the Mississippi Petrified Forest.  It was just like I remembered from my childhood, except the store was even more exciting because now I love crystals and gemstones!

No trip to Mississippi is complete without making our rounds through the cemeteries.  Here we remembered and celebrated our love for Taylor’s grandfather, Big Daddy.

A happy 20 days of self-imposed homelessness and road tripping is proudly brought to you by CBD oil, Mother Goddess, Activated Charcoal and lots of crystals for good luck and prosperity.

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