Don’t Forget to Expect the Unexpected

Yesterday was full of the unexpected . . .

Hand washing clothes in the bathtub was not so terrible.  The clothes look and smell clean and I avoided blue dye and “fresh scent” by using a bar of castile soap we brought from home.  They took a small forever to dry but that’s okay because I’ve got nothing but time these days.

These kids are adjusting wonderfully to our new lifestyle.  I already see them living more in the moment rather than constantly anticipating what is happening next.  Our AirBNB’s street front balcony is a favorite spot for taking it slow and watching the city pass.  We’ve witnessed a model’s photo shoot, lots of fancy dog breeds and too many cute babies to count.

All of this has been pleasantly unexpected.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the top of our building to view the snow-covered mountains and look over the city as it was the first clear day since we arrived.  I unexpectedly received my first guitar lesson from Taylor.  My fine motor skills are pathetic but perhaps my C chord and dexterity will improve with time and practice.  That would be unexpected for sure.

I also didn’t expect the kids to run and play onto roof for a solid hour without injury or fuss.  Love it and love them.

Yesterday morning the kids made a list of crystals they want.  This is a fairly frequent activity and the lists are always variations of the same.  Ollie wants all the tourmaline, Henry wants more jade and a ruby and Liza wants more “rough amethyst still in the matrix”.  I can absolutely guarantee she didn’t expect to find just that on the roof!!  This girl was delighted and felt so special by her find.  Perhaps it wasn’t so unexpected that Henry would be a bit jealous . . .

But the most unexpected happened a few hours later and I’m glad we don’t have pictorial evidence.  Ollie fell about 3 feet off the stairs of our loft and fell on his side with a direct hit to his head.  When I say my baby’s eyes roll back and felt his body go limp, I felt like I was going to throw up and then die a million deaths.  I tried to get it together as we maintained eye contact and kept him talking while Taylor and I realized we had no idea what to do during an emergency in a foreign country.  Taylor called our local friend, Marcelo, and made plans that he would pick us up, take us to the hospital and act as translator if necessary.  Thankfully, Ollie perked up slowly but surely.  At 10pm we finally decided it was safe to let him go to sleep (with several planned wake-ups) and I’ve never been so happy to snuggle tight with my little buddy.  We knew he was just fine when he made a joke at 3am.  He woke up in the morning feeling great and we went about our day as planned.  Thank you, universe, for providing my boy with everything he needed.

So yes.  Always expect the unexpected.  And it might just make you thankful for your expensive traveler’s insurance if the worst-case scenario doesn’t work out so well next time.

Blessings from my happy and healthy family in Santiago, Chile!

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  1. When I spoke with Ollie yesterday, he was anxious to show and tell me all about his fall. Glad our little buddy is okay. 😘 Meme


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