To parque or not to parque

You know.  Just a simple jaunt to the Parque Bincentario to let the kids play the day away.  It even has the same metro stop as yesterday’s trip to the Jumbo (hello, Target’s cousin!) so this is no big deal.  There is a bit of confusion as to why there are no metro stops super close to this very popular park but our walking feet are up to the challenge.

Notice the big smiles as I snap a picture under the Costanara Center.  The tallest building in Latin America is obviously too tall for my picture.

Yes, that sweater is overkill on this bright sunny day.  But this is literally the first time Ollie completely dressed himself so who was I to argue about his apparel choice?  The tallest building isn’t too tall now as we walk towards the park.

And we walk.  We walk.  We walk.  And then we walk some more.  The sun is hot and the promised park just won’t come into view no matter how close it appears on Google maps.

As the tallest building grows smaller and smaller, we find ourselves on a very nice walking/biking path following the river and running alongside a freeway.  Snowcapped mountains are in clear view and it really is a lovely day.  But we are still walking.

Oh wait! We see a huge metal sculpture. There is the park . . . on the other side of the freeway.  Because we walked the wrong way.

Thankfully there is a bench nearby.  We eat lunch and I encourage everyone to smile for a photo.  Later, Liza points out numerous times that I am the only one who smiles.  Apparently Ollie’s fake smile doesn’t count.


The kids were bummed.  Rightfully so.  I wanted to see this fancy park too!  But the mama in me can’t help but turn every event into a life lesson.  I encouraged the children to realize that even though our outing didn’t go as planned, everything was fine.  We were safe.  We were together.  We were still having a lovely time exploring Santiago.  We had food and we had water. Plans didn’t always go according to our scheme in Orlando and we can’t expect everything to work out perfectly in a foreign country.  Things that seem terrible in the moment usually aren’t a big deal in the long run!  *rinse, wash and repeat this mantra a million times everything something doesn’t go exactly as planned *

This was also the right time to pep talk the kids that walks which seem like an eternity on the front end, usually seem much shorter on the return trip.  They marveled at this piece of wisdom as they admitted  I was right as we quickly approached the Costanara Center to hop back on the metro to head home to our AirBNB.  And it was there we realized the mistake.  Buses fill in the gaps where there are no metro stops.  Those walking legs weren’t needed after all.

Lesson learned for the adults and maybe, just maybe, a lesson learned for the children too.

Isn’t that what worldschooling is all about?


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