Traveling Blues

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If anyone out there is keeping up with us, I just have to say that we have been entirely consumed with keeping our children fed, loved, learned and happy in Santiago, our first leg of our nomadic adventure, that we have not been diligent on this blog.  We endeavor  for this to be our central conduit to family, friends and anyone else out there that gives a damn.  There is so much to document and relate, but come dusk we are ready for bed.

Our goal is to be more communicative, but honestly, our number one task at the moment is to take care of ourselves and do the next thing….  And become proficient in Spanish.  Apprenderé.   And, our next month long stay in Buchupureo may not have adequate web access….so there might be some silence, but we will see…. Since we have our lifetime to post, I’ll consider the intermittences inconsequential.  Perspective is key, and we have a lot of it now….

Speaking of perspective, and in terms of my personal point of view, I am very much aligning to the song below that I am linking.  The Boys, the good ‘ol Grateful Dead…  I know that there may be at least a handful of people out there that are missing us now that we are gone, and we miss you too….  You know who you are…

I’d rather drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log, than to stay at home and be treated like a dog

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